First Friday with Ferchu Waddoups!

August 2, 2019

4pm - 8pm

Ferchu Waddoups from 10 Cups of Tea will be at Tiny Gallery for First Friday in August.



About Ferchu

Ferchu Waddoups began exploring Alaska in 2008 and, after living in several areas of the state, decided to settle in Anchorage and establish 10 Cups of Tea - a crafting bookbindery with a focus on the art of books.
Ferchu has been an artist for many years; working with watercolors, digital arts, and web design. She has a Graphic Designer degree from Universidad Abierta Interamericana in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
It was at university she taught herself to bind and customize books to her needs. Mastering these skills brought her immense joy and nurtured a love for classic bookbinding techniques.
Rather than mass production of books, at 10 Cups of Tea, Ferchu is focused on maximizing diversity in classic binding styles, cover art, and materials.

(907) 302.0258
706 W 4th Avenue, Anchorage, AK 99501